What is Holy Communion?

Communion is a sacrament – that is a promise, and a mystery that God appointed towards the special nurture of God's people - the Church.

Communion is a seal to a promise made by Christ during the Last Supper. We use bread and grape juice, to remind ourselves that just like our physical bodies need food and drink, so too our spiritual life needs constant nourishment which is given lavishly when we commune with God in this sacrament.

Communion is a sacred obligation.  On Maundy Thursday or Lord Jesus Christ specifically charged us to “remember him” whenever Christians gathered together to drink and sup. 

Communion is a joyful proclamation.  In celebrating Communion we remember Christ’s death and proclaim his resurrection until he comes again in glory.

Communion is a family bond.  When we partake of the bread and wine, we are made one with our brothers and sisters in faith - the congregation, and the Church universal.

Communion is an act of worship.  Communion does not “just happen.” Rather, we celebrate it during the service, through the power of the Holy Spirit all that has been promised in Christ is sealed, and thus refreshed and strengthened in body and soul we are sent out into the World to proclaim God’s love.

Last but not least, Communion is a sacred mystery.  At the Lord’s table we encounter the living Christ. While Christ is not physically present, and while bread and wine remain physically unchanged, yet through the mysterious work of the Holy Spirit we encounter spiritually the Living Christ and get a glimpse of the World to come, when all are welcome at God’s table

Who Can Receive Communion?

It is God who is the host of this meal and it is God’s table. Therefore, we welcome to its blessings all who love and wish to serve our Lord Jesus Christ.

How and When Do You Celebrate Communion?

We celebrate Communion on the first Sundays of each month and on special holidays during the year like Christmas Day, Maundy Thursday and Easter. Since it is such a holy and wonderful mystery, we celebrate it by a special sung liturgy. During it we recall the history of creation, salvation, say the Words of Institution, and pray for the Holy Spirit to come down and transform the gifts we offer so that by eating them we might become the Spiritual body of Christ in the World. The deacons of the church then serve those gathered bread and grape juice.