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 Statement of Faith from one of our Confirmands.......

"Who is God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit?  Collectively, they make up the Trinity.  Initially, I found this concept confusing.  And to a degree, I still do.  I believe it is supposed to be mysterious and I accept that fully.  However, I have faith in each part of the Trinity and as a whole.  I recognize that I am not my own but rather am a small follower, literally and metaphorically, of the teachings of Jesus and all that is the Trinity.  I am honored that he paid for my and our sins with his precious blood.

When asked why I am a Christian, the easy answer would be that I was raised that way.  However, the more in-depth answer is the teachings of Christianity speaks to me and I find it reassuring.   It assures me of eternal life as well as a meaningful life.  Christianity is an expression of all those values that I was taught and love."