What Is a Covenant?

Covenants were spiritual documents signed by early Puritan settlers and church members in which they laid down their faith in God, and the rules that would govern the functioning of the congregation. Every now and again, these would be revisited and written up again.

When Was The First Covenant of First Church Signed?

The first covenant, called the “Brinsmead Covenant” (from the name of our first minister) was drawn up in 1666. It was used with minor changes until 1837. 

Do You Have A Covenant Now/  Do You Use It?

Yes we do, and yes we use it. Generally, we use it during the first Sunday after Labor Day, and when new members join our church. It reminds us of our obligation towards God and one another, our Congregational and Reformed roots.

What Does Your Covenant Say?

We, the members of First Church in Marlborough (Congregational) UCC, following 

the example of Jesus, who loved and served all, promise we will:

-Do unto others as we would have them do unto us; 

-Faithfully support the Church with our time and treasures;

-Seek to do the will of God to promote the life of our church community and the community at large;

-Listen to, speak with, and interact with each person in the church with respect, honesty, and love;

-Interact with open minds and hearts, considering perspectives that may be different from our own; and

Showing the charity of Christ, we will love and serve the people and property of the church and community in the name of our Lord.