What Is Worship?

Worship is the grounding and foundation of all Christian life. Every Sunday we gather to worship together as a Christian community called the “church.” Through liturgy (from Greek “liturgia” – the work of the people) we express thanks for what God has done for us, and we pray for the World, the Church, the Congregation, ourselves, and for those who have no one to pray for them.

What Time Are The Service?  Is There Childcare?

Our regular Sunday services begin at 10 AM every Sunday of the year. Childcare and Sunday School are provided through grade 8.  On the first Sunday of every month we celebrate the Sacrament of Holy Communion.

What Is Your Worship Style?

According to the 2000 years of Christian history, the pattern of worship is the same. We begin by invoking the name of God. We then confess our sins and the ways we have fallen short of God’s grace, and we accept God’s forgiveness in the Words of Assurance. The Bible is read and our minister preaches on it. We then pray for the needs of the world, we offer our gifts of money and food for the food pantry. The service concludes by a benediction, that is a blessing.

In terms of music, we have a traditional sung Communion service on the first Sunday of the month, blended musical traditions on the other Sundays including handbells, guest musicians and our Children's Choir.  

Why Should I Come To Church?  Can't I Just Stay Home and Pray By Myself?

The act of worshipping God in community, hearing God’s word preached and being in community of others is the foundation of Christian life. While individual prayer life is also good, it cannot ever be a substitute for living out your faith in a community of believers – called “the Church.”

What Should I Wear To Church?

Wear clothes. Apart from that there are no dress codes for worship.

I Don't Know Anyone Here - Won't it be Odd?

No, it won’t. After every service there is time for socializing and fellowship during coffee hour. That is the best time to meet people and our pastor. 

Will I Be Welcomed At Worship?

Our Lord Jesus Christ said: “Come to me all, who are heavy laden and I will give you rest.” Therefore, we welcome ALL people of all walks of life, ages, races, nationalities, sex and gender identities, sexual orientations, theological convictions, ethnicities, or political affiliations to worship with us the one Triune God.